Fight For Survival, Survival Is Earned, The Other Option Is Death.

A walk through the desert

is not a walk in the park,

one is for relaxation and peace,

while one is to save a life that’s at risk,.

In the desert, the snakes, the scorpions are out for a walk in their park: the sand dunes,

your presence is a threat to them, you are not welcome, it’s their feast, it’s the yellow moon,

they are out to get you, the day is hell, the night is freezing,

it’s their politics, their business, their world, they are kings, they are princes,

so should you get the hell out?

No. Stay there and slug it out,

this is your world too,

fight for a space, you have paid your dues in full,

fight for survival, survival is earned,

don’t let any vampire occupy your space.

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