Too Much Held Back Tears Behind Your Eyes, Let It Out And Clear Your Mind.

You can no longer hold back,
the hidden tears in your eyes,
you want to let it out, it’s stinking your eyes, you just want to enjoy the luxury of a good cry.
It is a luxury because everybody have tears in their eyes but many dare not let it out,
they are super humans, some of them no longer feel like humans,
they are only humans in flesh but they are above those infantile weaknesses and frailties of the flesh,
crying is one of them, this silly human trait is not for them,
although, just like everybody, they have their own bad times,
they rather bottle up the tears than let it out of their eyes,
they tears are held back, till they become too heavy for the eyes to hold, then it sinks to their hearts,
where it pushes the mind to the brink of frustration, depression and trauma.
It’s suicidal to hold back the tears for too long,
it pays to let it out once in a while in your bedroom, remember to lock the door.
You know after the rain, the sun comes with it’s warmthness and it’s brightness,
so after the tears, the heart is relieved of it’s heaviness,
the mind becomes sharper and clearer,
and better focused on the task to seek a life that is better.

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