Like Water And Oil, Like Anger And Reputation.

A good reputation is hard to come by,
it can outlive more than one life time.
It takes years to build, sweat to keep but it could be swept away in a hair’s breadth,
a reputation could be deleted by a few vices, but nothing matches the lethality of anger,
when are you incenced, you are disconnected from sensibility, then there’s danger,
if you had a good reputation, try reigning it in,
with anger, you are not certain of the beginning, you can’t predict the ending,
inbetween both ends, you won’t get away intact, you will be diminished,
in the eyes of the witnesses, your self-esteem will take some sticks.
The process of building a good reputation is an expensive investment,
does it make sense, to invest so much and then throw it down the drain?
It doesn’t right? It’s alright to state that anger can in rare cases, inspire positivity,
but just like water and oil, anger and reputation don’t mix.

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