Writing Made Simple.

The job of a writer is not easy,
especially, when you set for yourself, the task of writing consistently and daily.
This is how I do mind,
I write almost every time,
I don’t need to have a writing pad or device with me before I ‘write’,
I ‘write’ in between other things, that is’ I have conditioned my mind, to find solutions to situations and problems I see people go through in life, on daily basis.
Among the first series of things I do when I wake up is to read some mails and write down few lines. I try to avoid, being too serious or putting myself into a ‘regimented’ attitude before I write, I just relax, put down whatever comes to my mind as they come (I do the editing later) and I make sure I enjoy myself. At the same, I always have my reader on my mind. This is easy because I write about life and the challenges of life.
So, the bottom line is, write when you are in the mood and when you are not in the mood, there will be enough time to discard what you don’t want but, be careful not to throw away the baby with the bath water, because what is trash to you maybe useful to another person.


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  1. libbycole007 says:

    Good techniques. I think a lot of people try to edit as they go, but it’s not actually helpful to try and combine the stages.



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