Suicide; This Is How Cowards Go Out.

Hey, stop, why would you want to do that?
put your neck through the noose,
close your eyes and black out?
Is that the way you want to leave the earth?
Do you know, if most could see death coming for them, they will run away,
they will make good their escape,
I should wait?
I should give you a second, you can explain,
okay, go ahead, I am all ears,
I will be patient.
Life has been tough, it has been rough,
you have given your all,
nothing seems to work, it’s like you are under a curse.
A year ago, you got laid off,
your world came crashing down but your wife showed love,
she stood by you, she gave you hope,
she told you, not to give up,
she said, ‘look!, it is for a while,’
and she encouraged you that tomorrow would be fine.
In your words now, ‘That ‘tomorrow’ has come and gone,
I have searched fruitlessly for a job, there’s none,
it’s like I am out of luck,
unpaid bills have piled up, my creditors are becoming impatient,
my wife has left me, she ran away with my best friend,
now, one year later, I am completely broke,
no job, no money, alone with three kids and please don’t tell me about ‘hope’,
I just want to take my life now, I am tired of these pains,
please tell my kids I love them, this is not their end,
please tell them, It’s my end, it’s suicide, it’s only cowards who go out this way,
I know my kids are stronger,
they will go on to achieve success’.


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