Choose Between The Names And Fame.


They tried all the tricks in the bag, it’s didn’t work,
they stabbed you in the back, you didn’t budge,
now they are attacking who they believe you are,
they are assaulting you verbally from all corners, just to bring you down,
it’s an old blood game, they couldn’t tame you,
now, they want to maim you,
they are inflicting serious pains,
they are deriding you, calling you various names,
various embarassing names.
Oh No, now it’s getting to you,
you are no longer looking cool.
Come on, it’s just a prologue my sister,
cheer up, it’s the prelude, my brother,
to something bigger,
now, you need to be stronger.
I don’t want to know what name they are calling you, that’s their business,
and you shouldn’t care too, go for success,
ignore them, they are jobless,
stay focused,
let them continue calling you names,
while you continue searching for fame.


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