What Is The Meaning Of Life?


Life can’t be defined,
sometimes it can be defined,
it all depends on who, where and when,
and on the emotions, the feeling; relief or pains.
However and whatever, when you are alive, you have life, to live as you choose,
but don’t rush, to make the choice, or you could lose.
You may make mistakes but don’t wallow in regret,
if you have to go the whole hog, through the gauntlet, don’t wait, there’s no time to waste.
Sometimes, life hands you the short end,
take it, it’s an occasion for you to learn, if you are intelligent, at the end, you will gain.
Sometimes life is kinder, everyday is a holiday,
it’s a roller-coaster, it’s your season of laughter, come on, have fun, all day, everyday, but save some cake for the rainy days,
for no one can tell, what’s going to happen next,
without notice, it could begin to rain,
and your day could turn to night,
just like that? Yes just like that,
and that my friend, is life.


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