At the crossroads,
you know only one road,
the one you are coming from,
you are familiar with all the twists and all the turns,
but it leads back home,
and you don’t want to go back home,
you need to move onward,
you must go forward,
forward is uncharted,
you left home in search of an answer,
life is exciting when you see it as an expedition,
so, any of the unknown roads will lead you to your destination.
Set new goals and new targets often,
spice up your life with new challenges often, attempt to live a life that most only imagine,
write your name in gold with a pen with an iron tip, in a way it will never be forgotton,
learn to speak the language of success by always talking about possibilities,
always believing in possibilities,
and living in an environment of positivity.
Anything is possible as long as you don’t get tired of learning,
and at the crossroads, the road to your destination is the one you have never been.


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