Most Are Forgotton, Few Are Legends.

Most lived and died without being celebrated, the reason is, they left their world the way they met it, few are never forgotton, because they lived and died as legends, they lived selflessly, so that most can live meaningfully.

Do You Start Your Day On A Winning Note Or On A Losing Note?

Every winner wakes up with a smile, they know it’s a wonderful chance to give it one more try, they know what day it is, and they know what they must do to succeed, while losers wake up with one big headache, confused, they wish to spend the whole day in their bed, for them,…

Where There Is No Way.

When you reach q dead end and you can no longer find a way, don’t look back, don’t turn back, use the available tools to make a track, if you don’t have the tools to make a track, you have your feet, use them to make a footpath, keep going forward, never look back.