The Positive Force Of Fear.

Fear can be a positive force, it can be a powerful force, when our life is threatened and we see the threat coming, to escape, we can do unbelievable things, things we couldn’t imagine, things we couldn’t believe we were capable of doing. Therefore, we can make fear work for our good, we just need…

The Value Of Education.

Your action or inaction is a function of your education. The more you know, the stronger you grow.

Mr. Brown, The Mortician.

Do you need a perfect love? Then you must be the perfect one. You are a very special breed, you don’t get angry, maybe not easily, you get angry rarely, on those rare occasions, you react with a smile, with an appreciation. You are truly very ‘cool’, you are in perfect control, of your feelings,…

Unrealistic Deadlines Put Patience On Trial.

Set unrealistic deadlines put patience on trial, with patience on trial, disappointment is waiting at the corner to take over. Set a target only after all angles are covered, avoid unrealistic targets, avoid hurting yourself and others.