Choose To Be Happy, It Doesn’t Cost A Penny.

The cost of happiness is priceless, where happiness is kept, only few can access, these few are those who know that happiness is a choice, they know it can’t be bought, but it must be sought, because a happy mind lives in a healthy body, only a healthy body can enjoy life’s pleasures and bounties….

Avoid The Crisis Of Misunderstanding In A Conversation.

When I talk in one direction, and you respond in the opposite direction, Misunderstanding arises, and it could lead to crisis. The solution is not far fetched, learn to listen carefully first, wait patiently for the speaker to say the last word, make sure that every word that’s said is understood, by you, before you…

Dreams, Life, Possibility And Reality.

Be encouraged by the awesomeness of procreation, let the miracle of your birth sustain your ambition, and let the beauty of life, drive your believe in the possibility of your dream becoming a reality in your life time.