You Need A Friend In Deed

Who does not need a friend? Everybody needs a friend even when they do not realize it and they do not have one. We all need that person we can trust and share our deep secrets, secrets we can not share with any other person who is not a friend. We all need that person we can run to when we need a haven of sort. We all need that person we believe we can call and she comes when need her presence or her assistance the most. And such a person can only be a friend, your friend, your true friend indeed.

You need a friend in deed because of the influence a friend can have on your life. If you go back in time, you will find out that there were times, the advice or suggestion of a friend, shaped a decision you took. Whether the decision turned out to be good or bad is another matter. So, in deciding which friend to keep, you must satisfy yourself that you are keeping a true friend in deed. A friend who will always support you, in season and out of season. Your friend must love you in the truest sense of the word.

You must have a friend in deed, who will be willing to give you profound advice when you are about doing to od something wrong. She must be bold enough to tell you the truth when others are unwilling. A true friend must do all she can, even to the point of physically restraining you from taking an action that could be terminally and fatally dangerous, especially actions taken in moments of anger. A true friend in deed will not mind being at the receiving end of your anger as far as she is convinced that what she is stopping you from doing is in your best interest.

A true friend, puts the defination of her love for you into action. She does not just pay lip service to it. Her love for you is never in doubt because the physical evidence is there for you to see. A true friend talks less and acts more.

A true friend in deed is needed by you.

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