See Greatness In That Little Beginning

There is greatness in that little beginning which only the eyes of a great mind can see. You are not yet where you believe you should be but you are where many others would eagerly trade places with you for. If you are aware of this, then your journey to greatness has begun, no matter where you are right now.

Where are you right now? Are you an employee, an entrepreneur at his business infancy or you are not working at all but need a job? If you are searching for a job, you need to stop searching and start creating and get started on that journey to greatness.

Wherever you are right now, is the best starting point to begin that journey (ardous to most) to greatness. It is the best place because, like I said earlier, a greater number would see where you are as the best thing that could have happened to them. Besides this fact, where you are right now places you in a position of comfort (at least you can meet some basic needs) to plan for bigger things (if you choose to). The hustle to meet basic psychological and security needs could be replaced with the quest for development and growth. Precisely, at this point, you are faced with less distractions while working towards more satisfaction. Where you are right now is a better place for you to see clearly, opportunities that best suit your passion, career inclination, training and life time dream.

You can actually start working out the details on how to achieve bigger things right where you are and right now and you, can also start saving and investing gradually. It is a ‘little’ place quite alright, but it is the right place to work towards your greatness with little or no pressure at all. The suffocating demand for urgent success should not come on because you have ample time to test run your idea while you are still at that ‘little’ place. Therefore, you should be producing ‘little’ encouraging results before finally crossing over to ‘settle’ in. Can you see now that, that ‘little’ place offers you the best place to begin your journey to greatness?

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