Choose To Be Happy No Matter What

Recently, a friend wanted me to tell her what she should do to be happy. She said she desparately wanted to be happy. I said to her, ‘choose to be happy no matter what’. Sometimes in life, you do not need any form of stimulation or to be in a state of excitement in order to be happy. What will happen when the euphoria is over, because it sure will? You go back to being unhappy? This should not be the case.

Life should be fun filled. Life should be lived and enjoyed no matter what. Life is too short for you to fill your days with sadness and despondency. Since life is too short to be frittered away in a state of unhappiness, why don’t you fill your years on earth with happiness? It is in your power to do this.

Yes, it is true that it is most likely to feel unhappy when your expectations are not met. For some, they feel the best way to deal with this is to expect nothing or expect dissapointment. I do not subscribe to this and I will suggest you don’t too because it could stop you from taking actions to realize your full potentials. Live an ambitious life. Live a life of setting for yourself, goals that are within your abilities to achieve. Live a life that is filled with daily activities that are geared towards achieving your dream and giving you sufficient excitement. Have a positive spirit that is always expecting a positive outcome for working hard on a project. See every disappointment as an opportunity to do it better and set higher standards next time. Never give up and never give in to unhappiness.

Unhappiness creates an ambience of negativity around you that most likely stops anything of significance from coming to you. While an environment of happiness, on the other hand, sends out strong positive signals that attract good things which keep charging it (the environment of happiness) and sustaining it. So, if you are in an environment where the positive force of happiness exists, then your days will often be filled with a lot of good things.

It is spiritually and pscychologically rewarding to choose happiness over sadness as it is in only in the state of happiness that your body performs at its peak. And a body that is churning out one outstanding result after another can never be unhappy because it is meeting the expections of the owner. So, choose to be happy today no matter what.

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